a long time coming

One of my first full compositions – maybe the very first one that I took seriously – was a marimba solo called Dia y Sueños. Written in 1992-ish, it was a hit around the ETSU music department and convinced me that maybe I could do this composing thing for real.

At some point I expanded the piece and added a piano accompaniment. This version was performed a few times but met with a big “meh” from most listeners – people who heard both preferred the original. In trying to understand this reaction, I dug deeply into my writing for the first time and really analyzed it, pulled it apart, and started figuring out what the hell I was doing.

The result of this process was a further expanded version of DyS for marimba, string orchestra, and clarinet. When the solo version became my first published piece (by Studio 4 Music, now MPI) the orchestrated version was also made available for a while, but as a rental. To my knowledge it was never rented (no surprise, as I was completely unknown to anyone at the time) and has never been performed.

On July 21 that will change! I will be performing the orchestrated version of Dia y Sueños at the 3rd annual Asheville Composers Concert hosted by Jason DeCristofaro. We have a fantastic chamber group lined up to play, and after 20-ish  years my first large piece will finally make its public debut.

The show will be at St. Matthias Episcopal in Asheville, which is a great room for chamber music, and will also feature works by Dosia McKay, Tim Winter, and Michael Jefry Stevens. ~ 3:00, Sunday, July 21 – donations encouraged ~

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